Madhen Productions at Excel for Confex 2012… and winning an Award.


The Madhen Productions crew have just got back from Excel where we supplied and ran the Main Stage for Confex 2012. After a safe and speedy get out the crew will be going through all of the kit at the warehouse, checking it al back in and making sure it’s all spic and span for the next job.

All in all four trucks worth of gear including steel deck, video wall, video servers, lights and PA went up to Excel.

All the effort was well worth it as Madhen Prodcutions were recognised by the organisers and won the Confex 2012 award for Best Stand. You can see the guys and girls from Madhen Productions and the Madhen (the band) in one of the photos below looking justifiably pleased with themselves.

Thanks to all the bands that performed over the three days for helping to make it a slick affair.

Madhen Confex 2012

Madhen Productions Stage Confex 2012
Stage Setup Confex 2012
Load in Confex 2012

Stage Confex 2012

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